Our company guarantees and repects the rights to privacy of the user. The site offers, in general terms, the possibility of navigating freely and not being subject to previous personal data collection. Only pages with electronic services, such as purchases online and subscription to newsletters, request information of a personal nature, in order to be able to supply the clients or interested parties requested services.


Data Protection


We are responsible for the protection of personal data given by the user or collected by our site and can use it for the following objectives: Improve the services rendered; manage general statistical data or make contact with the user by email with standard requested information. Empresa promises not to divulge personal user information to external parties. Personal data will only be dealt with according to the law currently in force. In agreement with article 4 of the decree 10 of the law 67/98 of the 26 October, that refers to the conditions of security relative to the collection of data from open networks; all Empresa employees involved with the handling of data are subject to the conditions privacy and and confidentiality concerning the same. The users may change, at any time, data and the cancellation and subscription of Newsletters. Our company will keep current information in the data base for immediate access to personal information every time the site is visited, until otherwise requested, with the exception of those clients who have made purchases.


Use of Cookies


This site makes use of cookies ( small software tags that are stored on your computer through the browser / browser , retaining only related to their preference information, not including as such , your personal data ) in order to improve user experience . Uses them in its dynamic services , in order to simplify the completion of forms associated with them , and in the other pages of the site with the aim of collecting information relating to interaction and general activity of the users of this site before . This collection process is conducted in accordance with the procedures and safety practices standard for this type of tools that ensure proper encryption of data between different channels of access to the site and the respective server . The information obtained through this medium allows not establish any relationship to the IP address of the user level for the purpose of checking personal data .
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Anonymous Statistics


This website uses etracker technology ( for the collection of behavioural data of the users. Data is collected anonamously for marketing and optimization purposes. All the information of visitors is kept by an anonimous user identifier to create a user profile. The use of cookies is possible for data storage, but all data is strictly anonimous. Data is not used to identify a visitor personally and is not connected to any personal data. The collection and storage of data may be refused at any time.


Statistics with Google Analytics


This website uses Google Analytics technology ( for the collection of behavioural data of the users.