Secure Shop and Payments

Secure Online Shop

This shop has a Security Certificate (SSL) issued by Network Solutions (

A security certificate is a document issued by a certification (Certification Authority). This entity issuing the certificate after verifying the configuration process of encryption (SSL), and checked the data of the company requesting the certificate. This shop uses for it's services supplier platform online store "" who hired the certificate to the Network Solutions, a certifying body recognized around the world and that issued the certificate to the domain https://shops. with the following data:

Common Name:
Organization: Viamodul - Communication and Electronic Commerce, Inc.
Organizational Unit: - Hmedia

Using the services of us, our website and network processes that were immediately integrated certification / approval.

So we can ensure it is a secure site and to prove it, from the moment we will interact with our site, including during the process of registration or payment, you will notice that in the address box of the browser (URL) the protocol used went from "http://" to "https://" (SSL), which means that all the encrypted information is to be communicated through a secure channel between the server and your browser, preventing their capture by third parties.

Also make sure that you can see a small yellow padlock in the address box of the browser (Internet Explorer), or in the bottom window of the browser (Firefox).


Secure Payments

All online payments (PayPal, Skrill / Moneybookers, Credit Card, ATM, etc.). Carry off the online store and use your own security certificate. Therefore, it is absolutely secure payments by credit card, PayPal, Moneybookers or ATM.

We wish you a pleasure shopping in our secure online shop